Monday, March 1, 2010

well, i was right

it's 815 with no nap and im watching bachelor. so many ups and downs. jakes family loved tenley. like loved. his dad cried. now we know where jake gets it from. they should both go out and ride motorcycles together. when vienna showed up, you could see it all over their faces they were not happy. so that was akward. jakes momma warmed up to vienna, now all is good in the hood. this all happened inbetween the best grilled cheese sandwhich i have ever had in my life. have you ever tried it with baked beans in the middle? OMG. it was soo good. dont judge. the chef kayleigh is now laid out in what she calls a "food coma". uh hello, i would be in one also, considering you ate 6 pieces of bread, 6 pieces of cheese, one turkey patty and at least 3 servings of beans. ya, id be in a food coma, too. jus sayin.

vienna and jakes date was hott. tenely and jakes, not so much. this is gonna be interesting. im so ready to find out who he picks. jake is still crying. i guess i can see why. he's about the make the biggest mistake of his life when he picks vienna, lol. ok that was mean. im just so confused.

HURRY UP AND PICK! see, this is what i mean by reality tv ruling my world. i get so caught up in these shows. i can tell you what day of the week it is by whats on tv. sad, just sad. ok anyway back to bachelor. they are both arriving at the final rose destination. they had to take helicopter. cuz thats what rich ppl do. puh-lease. i get ok, its fantasy. which brings me to, why isnt there like an average 'bachelor show' like cold pizza in the fridge, video games, rides to walmart to pick up dog food in a 2 door honda with gas packs on the back or a beat up ford. now that's a date!

and im still patiently waiting for them to reveal the stars for DWTS. this my typed word that i will not watch if kate gosselin is dancing. she needs to be at home takin care of her kids. come on.

HERE WE GO...................

oh man the anticipation who is gettin out of the helicopter first is def a nail biter.....TENLEY IS FIRST! he as not it written all over his face! he says 'something just doesnt feel right'.....tenley says she appreciates him being honest with her and thanks him for showing her that she can love again. and for making her feel special. somebody set up counseling for her, NOW! bless....

3 weeks DWTS starts,
pamela anderson, chad, aiden turner, erin andrews, shannon doherty, buzz aldrin, niecy nash, nicole from the pussycat dolls, evan lysacek, and KATE GOSSELIN. SICK. so aggravated. shouldnt she be at home taking care of 8 kids without a dad. im just sayin.

jake gives back the promise ring, my jaw drops the same time as viennas. oh but wait, he says' theres one more thing you need and something never to forget' i love you.....OMG HE PICKS VIENNA!!! he did it. one knee and everything. cant believe i let myslef get covered in goosebumps! and there you have it, mate! vienna got the bling bling....on the wings of love!!

ps i didnt go to the gym and ate two grilled cheese sandwhices.

well....i was right


  1. I hate reality steve i need to STOP reading his stuff! Welcome welcome to the blogging world. Its fun... but yet another thing to sucl you in! YIKES! Anywho. The taboids already say hes back with Ali. YAY! Thats how it ends in my mind. lol.

  2. I am so happy he picked Vienna! How do you feel about it? I thought Tenley was fake. It was like she eat rainbows nd pooped butterflies! LOL Coco I just want to let you know I love love love you and I couldnt listen to you this moring bc I had to wait to watch it on my DVR! I fig you might of said who won! So know I am listeing to you now!!!!!

  3. OMG!!!! I agree with you about Kate Gosslin!!! I thought we were done with her already!!! I say you kick start the Dancing with the Stars Boycott until Kate Gossellin is voted off!!!! I'll be the first in line. No, she has not done anything personally to me, I'm just T I R E D of the woman! She's nothing without John!!!