Monday, March 29, 2010


wow, i guess i shoulda read what i had done last....

couple weeks back was the taylor swift concert. omg and beyond! i dont care what anyone says that lil girl can put on a damn good show! she knows what she is doing. period. (ps watching tori and dean while i blog, shes gotten skinny!!) it was non stop entertainment! her set was simple but awesome, her outfits were super cute and shiny!!, her dancers were fab! the whole thing was awesome!! and i got to take one of my best friends with me who is also a huge taylor fan. she was flippin out worse than i was, especially when we got to have a lil chat with taylor. my friend was like 'NO WAY!' the show was over two weeks ago and we are still wearing our taylor vip bracelets. yes, i have taken a shower and washed my arm.

then the next weekend my other two bffs came for a visit. we had a bonfire and laughed. i needed that. its good to see my homies that are my life that i can totally be myself. not that im not myself, but when they come its overload!! i had to work a lil while they were in town but mostly we ate, ate, ate, and watched movies. it was good short trip. i cherish those times.

so my runnin has gone down the toilet. i feel like such a loser. i cant keep a goal to save my life! i try and try and i stay with it for like a day or two and then im back to the same ole same ole. hell, i couldn't even keep up with this blog! i forgot the damn password and had to reset it blah blah blah. i recently found out that i have hypothroidisym. i had to google it. im on synthoid, same meds my momma is on. (im turning into my mom!)my doc says it makes sense why i say im tired and my weight gain and lil mood swings and feeling depressed at times. im just a super moody person. im just now accepting that. i think i know when its coming on and i just seclude myself and do my own thing, which is eating. damn the good food! if i could afford a personal trainer that could train me everyday and then cook for me for the rest of my life i would be a happy camper. i did get batteries for my wii board that i begged my wonderful boyfriend for that only has like 10 hours on it! and now i have a bruised foot. i rescued puppies from a burning building and i tripped running down the stairs....ok i really just slipped down my stairs. anyway, thats my excuse on why i cant work out now. i did eat a good dinner. but dang i swear i can hear a .99 menu with extra cheese screaming my name.

i still havent watched DWTS. ok, so its only the second episode. but i sure hope SHE gets the boot. although i feel that it will be buzz aldrin. just from what i have read. my new show i love watching is, kirsti alley's my big life. its aweome. i feel terrible for all the jokes she has had to endure. and thati have lauged. kirstie, i am sorry. and i think that your story is going to be inspirational. which is funny, becuase i just sit there like a blob watching. see it a cycle!!! i think about workin out and eating right all the time. and dont do a damn thing about it. i have all the tools to do so, but just dont. damnit!

on a high, i get my nails done. i love you babe. thanks for making me smile.

one more thing, i find myself kinda cleaning up after myself more than i have ever done. like i was excited to wet swiffer jet the kitchen! i dont do that! am i growing up?? jason says he is proud of me cuz he knows i hate that domisticated stuff.


  1. Oh you sound Sad! :( I have the same problem... I cant stick to any kind of a work out routine. YUCK! But Maybe I just need to try harded and set time aside... or so i say. Well - if you need anything just lemme know. :)

  2. I have had the same problem with domesticated stuff. It's like when i met my man I wasn't used to cooking and cleaning for another person but I did it willingly because I was in love and wanted to please him. After a while the newness in our relationship wore off and he got to experience the slob I really was and surprisingly he stuck with me. :) Over the years, and i mean like 10 years, i have noticed myself starting to "gradually" be more responsible with cleaning, cooking, bills and all that jazz. When I turned 30, I am 30 now, it was the pitts for me! I was depressed, I didn't want to let go of my 20's, I felt like my youth was completely over. I swore I wanted to spend my 30th bday shut in my house with the curtains drawn and food & alcohol in front of me. NO VISITORS! But after that day, I notice the adult in me coming out and me doing more adult things like cleaning. ugh. I never thought i would say it either but I think I'm growing up. I can completely relate to the last part of this blog CoCo.