Monday, March 8, 2010

'seefood weekend'

oh boy, did i eat my face off this weekend! i tried......FROG LEGS?? ya, frog legs! i def stepped outta the box big time with that lunch decision. will i ever try them again? no, plain and simple. they were breaded and fried (just like everything in texas) and came with a 'secret swamp sauce'. which was interesting to say the least. the frog legs have the texture of chicken, but it definetley didnt taste like chicken. they had bland yet fishy taste. thats the best way i can describe it. but, still that doesnt do the job. all i could hear was 'ribbit' 'ribbit'. which is not appetizing at all! ok, so thats checked off my list. i did have the gator bites, them was good eating right there!

im so upset with myself right now. i have just been so busy with work and i have not been able to get to my runnin. oh sure, i could find time. but i am tired! i havent ran since wed. terrible, i know. oh get this! 3 ppl have dropped from the now i just might be on some random team or something. i need to figure that out. and my doc has got word that it was my idea for the marathon and she finds it hilarious. another reason why i HAVE TO RUN. RUN COCO RUN! (skip coco skip, lets just be real) ihave a physcial on wed. we will see if i get the green light.

i didnt watch any of the oscars. sometimes i feel like i have to watch that stuff cause 'its my job' and i need to be in the know with EVERYTHING. and well i just didnt want to. i wanted to watch reruns of the simpsons and not have to be takin mental notes while i watch tv. thats what i do. i see something and immediately think to myself, how am i gonna talk about that on the radio. i actually do that with everything. i felt like i was letting ppl down by not watching. crazy. thank goodness for google! i have the pefect google shirt idea......

all n all i had a great weekend. i spent entirely toooooo much money, but my nails look great! :) thanks honey. i love you and miss you. all together now 'awwwww' my boo reads my blog. his name is jason and is super awesome. he understands me even when i talk crazy or when my mouth is runnin 90mph. or he just nods and his head the whole time, lol either way im thankful for him. we will chat more about him later. i can only talk about him in spurts. cant let him get a big head. cuz its huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge already ;)

oh i do have a question for you. you, my follower (by the way thanks for following)
do you have a beauty regimen or like a beauty tip?


  1. Jason seems like a great guy. Thank for letting us follow you! And yea, frog legs - that just sounds disqusting!

  2. Coco!!! I have a question for you! Do you read your comments? Just wondering. As for beauty tips.... Lots of sleep LOL I started a blog like the day I found out that you had one and I still have not written anything in it! :) As for Beach to Bay good luck with that! I just started walking/jogging a mile. It is not fun, but after I get it done I feel much better about myself! I hope eveything works out.... It sucks that 3 people bailed on you! Boo on them! Well keep up the running and writtin' I love having something to read at work!

  3. Beauty regimen, hmmm....

    My "regimen" is differnt all the time. It depends on what I am doing. I dont get out much so when I get something on my schedule for ME, I get all excited and treat it like an event. Maybe thats lame of me but I have a toddler and when I have time for myself I take it seriously! lol. For the Taylor Swift concert I bought a new dress. I even bought new boots, even though I had ones that matched my dress. I got my nails done and I tanned a little bit. I took extra time on my hair and makeup :-)But when I was all done I felt great and I think feeling great about the way you look helps you have a good time.

    One tip I have to help look more awake is concealer. If I dont wear anything else I at least have to wear concealer. Ever since my son was born and I went back to work and school (still doing the same thing now) I have to operate on little sleep. I dont want to look like a zombie. The concealer helps me look fresh and no one knows I hardly slept! Mascara is the next item on my list that I must have.

    Do you have a beauty regimen?