Thursday, May 20, 2010

hey you!

well, hello there!
i should have read my last blog to see where i was and what i was doing. but, i didnt.
its may 20! time is flying by like CRAZY!

mothers day was great. well besides my momma passin out from the heat and having to call 911, it was perfect. i took her to the george strait concert, she was smiling from ear to ear. the feeling i had is indescribable (sp) i love my mom!

ive really had a long look in the mirror and it looked like an english bulldogs face! soooo....ive been working on my eating habits. its only been two weeks, but im very proud of myself. i actually went to the book store and got healthy easy cooking books. i wrote out a grocery list and ACTUALLY WENT TO HEB AND GOT THE STUFF! which i have never done. i usually just run in, grab frozen pizzas,ranch and im out the door. the shopping trip was crappy. it was just a lot. i have never bought like that BYMYSELF. anyway, hauled up the 35 flimsy bags of food up 4 flights of stairs. ya, that was super fun! it made me want to run back to the grocery store and do it all again!

ive been practicing on these recipes. so far, so good. ive cooked one thing. .lol! hey, its a start! remember, i am the queen of ramen noodles and 'add anything to tuna'.

i wanna cook jason something delicious for his return! he's been gone working his ass off, for us. hes the sweetest man alive i swear. its so true what they say, when your not looking he will show up. ITS TRUE! i miss him like crazy. and turn into an old lady when im alone. im the cat lady.

speaking gettin another kitty! jason says i always win. haha. im hoping the addition to the family will calm baybay kitty down. he just goes crazy sometimes. i think he needs a playmate while im gone. or hell will break loose. prolly the latter.

tell your friends you love them and that you miss them
turn your phone off for an hour
no emails, no text, no tweets, no NOTHING. it feels great. almost like a rebellion

Monday, March 29, 2010


wow, i guess i shoulda read what i had done last....

couple weeks back was the taylor swift concert. omg and beyond! i dont care what anyone says that lil girl can put on a damn good show! she knows what she is doing. period. (ps watching tori and dean while i blog, shes gotten skinny!!) it was non stop entertainment! her set was simple but awesome, her outfits were super cute and shiny!!, her dancers were fab! the whole thing was awesome!! and i got to take one of my best friends with me who is also a huge taylor fan. she was flippin out worse than i was, especially when we got to have a lil chat with taylor. my friend was like 'NO WAY!' the show was over two weeks ago and we are still wearing our taylor vip bracelets. yes, i have taken a shower and washed my arm.

then the next weekend my other two bffs came for a visit. we had a bonfire and laughed. i needed that. its good to see my homies that are my life that i can totally be myself. not that im not myself, but when they come its overload!! i had to work a lil while they were in town but mostly we ate, ate, ate, and watched movies. it was good short trip. i cherish those times.

so my runnin has gone down the toilet. i feel like such a loser. i cant keep a goal to save my life! i try and try and i stay with it for like a day or two and then im back to the same ole same ole. hell, i couldn't even keep up with this blog! i forgot the damn password and had to reset it blah blah blah. i recently found out that i have hypothroidisym. i had to google it. im on synthoid, same meds my momma is on. (im turning into my mom!)my doc says it makes sense why i say im tired and my weight gain and lil mood swings and feeling depressed at times. im just a super moody person. im just now accepting that. i think i know when its coming on and i just seclude myself and do my own thing, which is eating. damn the good food! if i could afford a personal trainer that could train me everyday and then cook for me for the rest of my life i would be a happy camper. i did get batteries for my wii board that i begged my wonderful boyfriend for that only has like 10 hours on it! and now i have a bruised foot. i rescued puppies from a burning building and i tripped running down the stairs....ok i really just slipped down my stairs. anyway, thats my excuse on why i cant work out now. i did eat a good dinner. but dang i swear i can hear a .99 menu with extra cheese screaming my name.

i still havent watched DWTS. ok, so its only the second episode. but i sure hope SHE gets the boot. although i feel that it will be buzz aldrin. just from what i have read. my new show i love watching is, kirsti alley's my big life. its aweome. i feel terrible for all the jokes she has had to endure. and thati have lauged. kirstie, i am sorry. and i think that your story is going to be inspirational. which is funny, becuase i just sit there like a blob watching. see it a cycle!!! i think about workin out and eating right all the time. and dont do a damn thing about it. i have all the tools to do so, but just dont. damnit!

on a high, i get my nails done. i love you babe. thanks for making me smile.

one more thing, i find myself kinda cleaning up after myself more than i have ever done. like i was excited to wet swiffer jet the kitchen! i dont do that! am i growing up?? jason says he is proud of me cuz he knows i hate that domisticated stuff.

Monday, March 8, 2010

'seefood weekend'

oh boy, did i eat my face off this weekend! i tried......FROG LEGS?? ya, frog legs! i def stepped outta the box big time with that lunch decision. will i ever try them again? no, plain and simple. they were breaded and fried (just like everything in texas) and came with a 'secret swamp sauce'. which was interesting to say the least. the frog legs have the texture of chicken, but it definetley didnt taste like chicken. they had bland yet fishy taste. thats the best way i can describe it. but, still that doesnt do the job. all i could hear was 'ribbit' 'ribbit'. which is not appetizing at all! ok, so thats checked off my list. i did have the gator bites, them was good eating right there!

im so upset with myself right now. i have just been so busy with work and i have not been able to get to my runnin. oh sure, i could find time. but i am tired! i havent ran since wed. terrible, i know. oh get this! 3 ppl have dropped from the now i just might be on some random team or something. i need to figure that out. and my doc has got word that it was my idea for the marathon and she finds it hilarious. another reason why i HAVE TO RUN. RUN COCO RUN! (skip coco skip, lets just be real) ihave a physcial on wed. we will see if i get the green light.

i didnt watch any of the oscars. sometimes i feel like i have to watch that stuff cause 'its my job' and i need to be in the know with EVERYTHING. and well i just didnt want to. i wanted to watch reruns of the simpsons and not have to be takin mental notes while i watch tv. thats what i do. i see something and immediately think to myself, how am i gonna talk about that on the radio. i actually do that with everything. i felt like i was letting ppl down by not watching. crazy. thank goodness for google! i have the pefect google shirt idea......

all n all i had a great weekend. i spent entirely toooooo much money, but my nails look great! :) thanks honey. i love you and miss you. all together now 'awwwww' my boo reads my blog. his name is jason and is super awesome. he understands me even when i talk crazy or when my mouth is runnin 90mph. or he just nods and his head the whole time, lol either way im thankful for him. we will chat more about him later. i can only talk about him in spurts. cant let him get a big head. cuz its huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge already ;)

oh i do have a question for you. you, my follower (by the way thanks for following)
do you have a beauty regimen or like a beauty tip?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my knee hurts, that cant be good

only two days in, and my knee is trippin. that cant be good, right? im sure its just cause im rusty, right? or that i have never run, so my body is adjusting, right? today, was hard. i just ran thru the pain. and when i say run, i mean fast skip. and when i say fast skip, i mean a fast walk. ha. i step it up a notch when i see an older person running, older like 60s. danielle (trainer at gym) says that i should be able to run a mile in 3 weeks, without wanting to die. but on the up, i feel good that i went today. thats the main challenge is gettin my butt up and doing it, even when i am super tired. way to go coco! now dont fall of the wagon!

the girls at the station have talked me into getting a physical and lab work. i didnt and still dont want to go. i look at the money i spending. not that i need to go. i dont feel bad, so why go to doc? but, they are my family and i know they are looking out for me. i guess it would be a good thing just to make sure its all good! the only bad thing is no coffee for the lab work!! thats why i didnt go get lab work last time. ya, i know black coffee. um no, my coffee is WHITE when i get done with it. and its is yummtastic! its the first thing when i get to the station. ok, actually its the second. the first is email.

im actually locking it down early tonight. im just tired. my brain is frazzled. i had a productive day. so a nice epsom salt bath is a treat lol, with a squirt of dawn ahahahaha! right after i finish watching 'secret lives of women' mewow!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From the iphone

ok it was suposed to be from the iphone.....

yesterday i did my first logged day of training. it was 31mins walking a min 1/2 and then runnin for a min. its a program called couch to 5k. i really enjoyed, but it was only the FIRST day. the first week you only train for three days a week. thats doable. the trainer at gym said i should be able to run a mile in 3 weeks and feel good about it. i cant believe im attempting to run.

question for ya?
i have my lil baybay kitty that well....hes crazy lol i think cuz hes still a kitten, ok well hes almost a year. but man he bites me! and ive been super busy and havent been home a lot. should i get another cat??

what do you think of american idol this season? im kinda ify about it. i think theres raw talent, but it def needs some work. i like casey james. hes hot and can play the guitar! win, win!

Monday, March 1, 2010

well, i was right

it's 815 with no nap and im watching bachelor. so many ups and downs. jakes family loved tenley. like loved. his dad cried. now we know where jake gets it from. they should both go out and ride motorcycles together. when vienna showed up, you could see it all over their faces they were not happy. so that was akward. jakes momma warmed up to vienna, now all is good in the hood. this all happened inbetween the best grilled cheese sandwhich i have ever had in my life. have you ever tried it with baked beans in the middle? OMG. it was soo good. dont judge. the chef kayleigh is now laid out in what she calls a "food coma". uh hello, i would be in one also, considering you ate 6 pieces of bread, 6 pieces of cheese, one turkey patty and at least 3 servings of beans. ya, id be in a food coma, too. jus sayin.

vienna and jakes date was hott. tenely and jakes, not so much. this is gonna be interesting. im so ready to find out who he picks. jake is still crying. i guess i can see why. he's about the make the biggest mistake of his life when he picks vienna, lol. ok that was mean. im just so confused.

HURRY UP AND PICK! see, this is what i mean by reality tv ruling my world. i get so caught up in these shows. i can tell you what day of the week it is by whats on tv. sad, just sad. ok anyway back to bachelor. they are both arriving at the final rose destination. they had to take helicopter. cuz thats what rich ppl do. puh-lease. i get ok, its fantasy. which brings me to, why isnt there like an average 'bachelor show' like cold pizza in the fridge, video games, rides to walmart to pick up dog food in a 2 door honda with gas packs on the back or a beat up ford. now that's a date!

and im still patiently waiting for them to reveal the stars for DWTS. this my typed word that i will not watch if kate gosselin is dancing. she needs to be at home takin care of her kids. come on.

HERE WE GO...................

oh man the anticipation who is gettin out of the helicopter first is def a nail biter.....TENLEY IS FIRST! he as not it written all over his face! he says 'something just doesnt feel right'.....tenley says she appreciates him being honest with her and thanks him for showing her that she can love again. and for making her feel special. somebody set up counseling for her, NOW! bless....

3 weeks DWTS starts,
pamela anderson, chad, aiden turner, erin andrews, shannon doherty, buzz aldrin, niecy nash, nicole from the pussycat dolls, evan lysacek, and KATE GOSSELIN. SICK. so aggravated. shouldnt she be at home taking care of 8 kids without a dad. im just sayin.

jake gives back the promise ring, my jaw drops the same time as viennas. oh but wait, he says' theres one more thing you need and something never to forget' i love you.....OMG HE PICKS VIENNA!!! he did it. one knee and everything. cant believe i let myslef get covered in goosebumps! and there you have it, mate! vienna got the bling bling....on the wings of love!!

ps i didnt go to the gym and ate two grilled cheese sandwhices.

well....i was right

Sunday, February 28, 2010

day one of 'blogging'

well hello there!
this is either going to be really good, or really bad. first of all my grammar and punctuation is HORRIBLE. so this will be more like the world's longest text. i am pretty good at texting. second of all, what do you blog about? i'm thinking this is where i can put all those random thots to bed. are ya ready??

today is sunday, feb 28, 2010. i've got a belly full of 'diner breakfast' and super full. my belly is hard as a rock. i have that overwhelming feeling that i just need to lay down to make it go away. why do i eat like that!? its sooooo dang good, that's why! God Bless GRAVY, bacon and CHEESE! the staples of a breakfast in my book, oh and some eggs i guess. but, i did walk down to the diner so that counts, right?

i always use monday as my start over day. on monday i will eat right, i'll go to the gym, i'll be positive, i'll have a great week, i'll do my laundry blah blah blah...and am usually back to my 'old ways' by noon! this time has to be different. i really need to dig down deep and stick to my goal. i have decided to run a 4.4 mile leg of a marathon. ya, me running. who in the world woulda thot? NEVER! did i mention 4.4mi in the sand!! i'm figuring this would be like a good goal. and with 6 other teammates i can't let them down. i don't wanna be the weak link. but, as of right now i'm worse than weak. im busted and rusted!'s to monday. here's to doing the damn thing CoCo, here's to getting my rear in gear......why are my palms sweating? :/ THE TRAINING HAS TO START. HAS TO.